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About this collection

The Illustrated London News was a picture newspaper that ran for over 150 years. It was founded by Herbert Ingram and its first issue appeared on 14 May 1842. The paper was then published every week until 1971 when it became a monthly. It provided a general source of news but its main appeal lay in its use of woodcuts and engravings to enhance the text. Later, photographs were introduced to provide the illustrations.

The first issue was 16 pages and carried 32 woodcuts. It sold 26,000 copies. The paper was an immediate success and by the end of the year circulation was 60,000. By the mid-1850s some issues ran to 150,000 copies.

The emphasis was always on Britain but world events were covered, especially where Britain was involved or affected. To this end, the emerging colony of New Zealand received some coverage especially during the New Zealand Wars.

This database produced by the University of Waikato Library includes scanned images of the all the text and illustrations that refer to events in New Zealand during the first sixty years from volume 1 in 1842 to volume 121 in 1902. The entries can be searched by keyword or you can browse in chronological order.

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