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CANTERBURY COLONISTS. — At a meeting on Wednesday, correspondence from the settlers was read, giving a cheering account of their prospects up to the lst of September. The Labuan, the Bungalona, and the Dominica had arrived in August, in New Zealand, increasing the colony between 400 and 500 souls. A new church had been erected at Christchurch, and a bridge thrown over the Eden. A public meeting had been held to make Canterbury a separate province, and the Governor had intimated his readiness to comply with the wishes of the inhabitants. 300,000 acres of pasture land had been applied for to be allotted. Lord Lyttleton stated that as the acts of Parliament, regulating the affairs in New Zealand would expire in 1853, the Government would be called upon next session to make permanent provision for the constitution of the colony; the colonists he considered are quite capable of managing their own affairs.