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NEW ZEALAND. — In the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS for Feb. 9. 1850, appeared an interesting Illustration and account of a banquet given by Dr. Fitzgerald, the Colonial Surgeon of Wellington, to the Native chiefs, on the occasion of the presentation by Earl Grey of a beautiful engraving of the Queen, for the Colonial Hospital under Dr. Fitzgerald's charge. This gentleman has just returned from the colony, after an absence of sixteen years, in consequence of ill-health and family affliction. On leaving, he was invited to a public meeting of the principal European inhabitants, on which occasion he was presented with a purse of 220 guineas; and an address, expressive of the high esteem and regard which they entertained for him personally, as well as of their high appreciation of the exemplary manner in which he had acquitted himself of the arduous duties of his public appointment as medical officer of the Colonial Hospital, whereby he not only secured to himself the affections of the natives, but rendered his skill a powerful incentive to the restoration of harmony between the two races. The chairmain, Mr. A. Hort, J.P., stated that it would be a lasting memorial of the appreciation by his fellow-settlers of his services, particularly of his unremitting exertions on behalf of the natives, which had greatly contributed to increase their confidence in the Europeans. Addresses were presented to Dr. Fitzgerald from the native inhabitants expressive of their deep affection and gratitude for his kind and unremitting attention. These addresses abound with affectionate allusions to Governor Grey, and their appeals to her Majesty to send back Dr. Fitzgerald, who has, we understand, considered it his duty to lay them before' her Majesty's principal Secretary of State for the Colonies.