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NEW COLONIAL SEALS. A FEW days since, the new Seals, of which we append engravings, were Submitted to the Queen in Council, and approved of by her Majesty. They are the designs of W. Wyon, Esq., R.A., the Chief Engraver at the Royal Mint. First is a Seal for the general Government of the Islands of New Zealand. The design consists of a column charged with the emblems of Christianity and Justice, on which is placed a mace, indicative of Municipal Government, standing between an English settler, in municipal robes, and a native of New Zealand in his national costume; and, over the column are the Royal arms and crown. The legend contains the Queen's name and titles, with the words "Islands of New Zealand." The Seal for the province of New Ulster, in New Zealand, bears the Royal arms, supporters, crown, and mottoes, surmounting an ornamental enrichment enclosing a view of a native war canoe, and Mount Egmont in the distance; the whole surrounded by the legend, " Victoria, D.G., BRITANNIAR. REG., F.D. PROVINCE OF NEW ULSTER." The devices of the Seals for the province of New Munster, and the Island of Labuan, are the same as that for New Ulster, with the exception of that part contained within the ornamental enrichment, which, is the Seal for New Munster, has a boat and crew engaged in whale fishing; and, in that for Labuan, the Royalist yacht, of the Rajah, Mr. Brooke, with the mountain of Keni-Balu in the distance, and the rising sun. These designs are highly characteristic and appropriate, and must add to the already high fame of Mr. Wyon; in this branch of art.