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WILLS AND BEQUESTS. The will (dated Oct. 31, 1892) of Mr. Alfred Richard Creyke, late of Holbrook, near Horsham, Sussex, and of 112, Eaton Square, who died on Nov. 30, was proved on Dec. 30 by Colonel Sir William Assheton Eardley-Wilmot, Bart., John Birkbeck Lubbock, and Richard Dawes, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to upwards of £180,000. The testator gives the Holbrook estate, 112, Eaton Square, and all his furniture, plate, pictures, books, household effects, horses, carriages, and live and dead stock to his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Rose Rebecca Creyke; and there are other gifts to her. He bequeaths £500 each to the Church Extension Association, Kilburn Park Road, and St. Stephen's Orphanage, York; £500 each to Richard Patrick Clogstoun, John Charles Watts, Bertie Lubbock, and his niece, Barbara Bagge; £200 each to his executors; and to each servant in his service at his death £5 for each complete year of service. The residue of his real and personal estate, except his property in New Zealand, he leaves, upon trust, for his wife for life; at her death he further bequeaths £6000 each to five daughters of his sister, Caroline Julia Bagge; £12,000 to Stephen Salusbury Bagge, son of his said sister; £2000 to Sir Robert Grenville Harvey, Bart.; £7000 to Captain Charles Bateson Harvey; £7000 to his niece Thyra Creyke; £6000 to his niece Freyda Creyke ; £12,000 to his nephew, Rolf Creyke; £24,000, in equal shares, to the four daughters of his brother, Walter Pennington Creyke; £12,000 to Launcelot Creyke, the son of his said brother; and the ultimate residue to his wife absolutely. By a separate will (dated July 22, 1889) the testator gives all his real and personal estate in New Zealand to his wife absolutely. 14.01.1893