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NEW POSTAL RATES. From Jan. 1 the postage to be prepaid on letters between Great Britain and India is 2½d. the half-ounce, instead of 5d. as hitherto. This reduction has also been applied to letters between this country and the undermentioned Colonies: The Australasian Colonies—viz.: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji, and British New Guinea. Mauritius and its Dependencies—viz.: The Seychelles, Diego Garcia (Chagos Islands). &c. Hong Kong, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Labuan, Sarawak, Cape Colony, Natal, St. Helena, Ascension, Sierra Leone, Lagos, Gold Coast, and Gambia. The British West Indies—viz.: Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Turks Islands, British Guiana, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, Nevis, Montserrat, St. Kitt's, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent, Falkland Islands and British Honduras. The reduced postage will be applicable to all routes except in the case of the Cape and Natal. The rate for postcards to Australasia, New Zealand, Fiji, and British New Guinea by any route will be 2d. In regard to the rest of the colonies named, and to India, there will be no change in the postcard rate; and no alteration will take place in the postage to be prepaid upon newspapers, books, and patterns. Unpaid and insufficiently paid correspondence will henceforth merely be treated upon the inland letter plan of doubling the deficiency; and the system of fines which obtains in the Cape Colony and elsewhere will be abolished. The letter rate to Cape Colony and Natal will be by all-sea route, 2½d. the half-ounce; via, Lisbon, 4½d. the half-ounce. To St. Helena and Ascension—by all-sea route, 2½d. the half-ounce. To Transvaal, Orange Free State, and British Bechuanaland—by all-sea route, 4d. the half-ounce; via, Lisbon, 6d. the half-ounce. 3.1.1891