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THE "DISCOVERY" AT THE ANTIPODES. From New Zealand we get news of the Discovery. Six months have elapsed since the King wished God-speed at Cowes to the gallant vessel and her crew, ready for the rigours of an Antarctic Expedition. Now it is the departure of the Discovery from Lyttelton four days before last Christmas Day that is reported. All preparations had been made. The dogs seemed glad to get aboard; the sheep reluctant. A farewell service was held on board, and Bishop Julius preached the sermon. Then flags waved gaily from every pole, the ships in harbour were "dressed," cheers and friendly shouts rent the air to the accompaniment of bands of music, as the explorers, themselves in the best of spirits, waved their last adieux and were lost to sight. In the midst of the enthusiasm and excitement one of the crew, Charles Bonner, met with his death by falling from aloft just after the vessel got clear of Lyttelton Heads. 15.2.1902