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The Nonconformist Colony, Albertland, New Zealand. From a portion of the Australian mail saved from the Colombo, intelligence has been received of the safe arrival at Auckland of the two ships Matilda Wattenbach and Hanover, with the first party of the new settlers for Albertland. The two ships referred to, it will be recollected, departed from the East India Docks on the 29th of May last, the committee of management, with the pastor appointed to the settlement, going out in the Matilda Wattenbach, This vessel finally took her departure from the Lizard on the 8th of June, and during the voyage several casualties tended materially to retard her progress; but she at length sighted the Three Kings on the 2nd of September, light winds preventing her getting into port until the morning of the 8th. The Hanover arrived on the 18th. The passengers speak in the highest terms of their treatment on board the ships and of the arrangements made for their comfort. 3.1.1863