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THE STATUE OF GOVERNOR SIR GEORGE GREY AT CAPE TOWN. The people of the Cape colony have erected a monument to their late Governor, Sir George Grey, now the Governor of New Zealand. A statue of him, by Mr. W. Calder Marshall, R.A., has been placed in the Botanic Gardens, on a granite pedestal 18 ft. high, in front of the building which holds the public library and museum at Cape Town. The situation is a fine one facing the Table Mountain. The uncovering of this statue was performed, with some little ceremony, by Mr. Ebden, chairman of the "Grey Memorial Committee", on the 10th of November. There was a large company of spectators, and the band of the 10th Regiment and that of the volunteer corps were in attendance. The statue was covered with a flag (the Royal ensign), and the flags of other nations were hung around. The members of the committee stood on a platform, and Mr. Ebden, with a suitable speech, removed the veil from the statue, the band played the National Anthem, and the crowd gave three hearty cheers. Our Illustration is from a sketch by Mr. T. W. Bowler, of Cape Town. 7.1.1865