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The South Middlesex Volunteers held their second annual fete at Beaufort House on Friday and Saturday last. The amusements included a fancy fair and concert, as before: but there were numerous and original additions to the ordinary programme of such entertainments. These were a Richardson's show, in which "The Duck's Motto" was performed with unflagging energy several times a day; a wonderful dwarf, and a grand tournament. This tournament was capitally managed. There were lists, heralds, jesters, a Queen of Beauty, knights in armour, esquires, and retainers. Lord Ranelagh and Captain Hawkers, mounted upon destriers of spirit, fought desperately for the championship, to the great delight of the lookers-on and the benefit of the funds of the corps. The members of the corps worked very hard in their assumed characters. Sergeant Todd, with his organ and trained dog, the niggers, led by a veritable Punch in full costume; the Swiss maiden; the proprietor of Aunt Sally; and the clown, who urged the people to walk up and patronise the drama, were perfect in their way, and caused great amusement. The New Zealand chiefs, the three ladies of the party, and their attendants were present on Saturday. The pecuniary results of the fete are satisfactory. 4.7.1863