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NEW ZEALAND.—The Parliament met on the 12th of April last, when the Governor's address was agreed to by both Houses without a division. Notwithstanding the virulence of party squabbles in some of the provincial Legislatures, as Wellington and Otago, the game of national politics does not seem to be a very popular one, judging from the fact that only seventeen members attended at the opening of the Lower House, when the Speaker had to announce the resignation of fourteen members. The Nelson gold-field seems to be just rich enough to encourage its diggers to continue the search ; but we doubt whether steady labour in any other pursuit would not prove more profitable. In spite of the unsatisfactory accounts of the Dun Mountain copper-mine, the directors are about to send fifty tons of " chrome ore "— whatever that may be—to England, for the purpose of having its real value ascertained by testing. 14.8.1858