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Maori Civilisation, 356 Rotomahana (Lake), New Zealand: Showing Effects of Eruption of Mount Tarawera, 139 New Zealand Sketches : Maori Civilisation, 356 Otukapurangi, Pink Terrace Cascade, New Zealand, Destroyed by Volcanic Eruption, 144 Pink Terrace Cascade, Rotomahana, 144 Tarawera Lake, New Zealand : Volcanic Craters on the Shore, 137 Mount, 137 Te Tarata, White Terrace Cascade, New Zealand, Destroyed by Volcanic Eruption, 145 Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand—Ash Cloud from Volcano, as seen on Night of Eruption, 144 General View from Top of Mount Tarawera, 345 Haszard (Mount), Hill of Mud produced by a Geyser, 345 House of Mr. Haszard, Wairoa, 145 McRea's Hotel, Wairoa, 144 Panoramic View Four Days after Commencement of Eruption, 144-145 Pink Terrace Cascade, Destroyed by Eruption, 144 Rift between Mount Tarawera and Lake Rotomahana, 345 Rotomahana (Lake) : Map of Country Around, 139 Tarawera (Lake), Lake Rotorua in the Distance, 345 Tarawera (Lake) : Volcanic Craters on Shore, 137 Tarawera Mount, 137 Showing Rift caused by Eruption, 345 Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand (continued)— Tahoto, Aged Maori Prophet, Buried Alive Four Days, 144 White Terrace Cascade, Destroyed by the Eruption, 145 White Terrace Cascade, Rotomahana, 145 COLONIAL AND INDIAN EXHIBITION New Zealand Apteryx, The, 364 Karapo, or Ground Parrot, 364 Kauri Pine, 364 Section, 361 Kea, or Mountain Parrot, 364 Maori Carvings, 366 Chief, 365 Storehouse, 365 Tomb, 365 Timber and Gold Trophies and Skeleton of the Moa, 361 Tuatara and Mutton Birds, in same Burrow, 364 Vegetable Sheep, 364 Victim of the Kea, 365