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MARLBOROUGH SOUNDS, NEW ZEALAND. We lately gave an Illustration of the grand scenery of Milford Sound, one of the deep "Fjords," as they would be called in Norway, penetrating far inland on the southwest coast of the "Middle Island" (the larger Southern Island) of New Zealand, in the provincial district of Otago. At the opposite or north-eastern extremity of the same island, on the shore of Cook Strait fronting Wellington, the geographical configuration is somewhat analogous: it presents a labyrinth of sounds, straits, and inlets, winding around numerous islands belonging to the provincial district of Marlborough, and issuing westward in Blind Bay, or Tasman Bay, at the head of which is Nelson. These waters afford a navigable channel for steamers passing between Picton and Blenheim, the chief towns of Marlborough, and the port and city of Nelson, or for those passing from Wellington, in the North Island, to Nelson. The principal inlets are Queen Charlotte Sound, Pelorus Sound, and French Pass, each of which, extending some twenty-five miles in length, has numerous bays, creeks, and branches. Their banks are steep, rugged, and even mountainous, but are generally covered with thick forests; the water is deep and still in those secluded recesses. A correspondent, Mr. G. A. Dowsing, has furnished some Illustrations of this region and of the native Maories; also of his boat trip up the Pelorus River, to the gold-fields of Mahakipawa and the new small township of Havelock, the Rai Falls, and the scenery of the Wakamarina. 4.7.1891