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POSTAGE OF THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, JANUARY 4, 1868, THE ORDINARY NUMBER A SHEET AND A HALF AT HOME Copies bearing the impressed stamp (which must be exposed to view) circulate FREE through the Post Office for fifteen days from the date of publication to all parts of the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands; unless addressed to persons living within three miles of the place where they are posted, when they become liable to a postage of one penny each, which, must be prepaid by affixing a postage-stamp. Unstamped copies ought to have Two penny postage-stamps affixed to each. FOR FOREIGN PARTS. The impressed stamp is of no service for copies which are to be sent abroad; these must have postage-stamps affixed to them according to the following rates :— Africa, West Coast of—One Penny Stamp Alexandra ( via Southampton—Id. )Thin ( via Marseilles—2d. )paper Australia ( via Southampton—One Stamp ( via Marseilles - Three Stamps Brazils - Penny stamp California—Two Stamps. Canada—Penny Stamp Cape of Good Hope—Penny Stamp China ( via Southampton—Two Stamps via Marseilles—Three Stamps Constantinople – Two stamps. Thin paper Denmark ( via France – 1d (a) ) Thin ( via Belgium – 3d ) paper Egypt—(via Southampton – Penny Stamp (a) (via Marseilles – Two Stamps (a) France — Penny Stamp. Thin paper Germany — Two Stamps. Thin paper Holland ( via Belgium - 1 d (a) ) Thin ( via France – 2d) paper India ( via Southampton – 2d )Thin ( via Marseilles – 3d )paper Italy- Two Stamps. Thin Paper Mexico - Penny Stamp (a) New Zealand - Penny Stamp Norway (via France – 1d (a) ) Thin (via Denmark – 5d ) paper Spain - Two stamps. Thin Paper Sweden -( via France – 1d a) ) Thin ( via Denmark – 1d ) paper Switzerland – Two Stamps. Thin paper United States - Two Stamps. Thin paper West Indies - Penny Stamp. Yokohama – Three Stamps The letter (a) denotes that an additional charge is made on delivery. An edition is printed on thin paper for foreign postage. 4.1.1868