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Dec. 12.—A Total Eclipse of the Sun, not visible from Europe. The Central Eclipse begins at 33 minutes after lh a.m. in longitude 57 deg. E. of Greenwich and S. latitude 18¾ deg., near Madagascar, thence south of Australia, near New Zealand, and ends at 38 minutes after 4h a.m. Greenwich time, in the Pacific Ocean in W. longitude 165 deg. and S. latitude 26½ deg. The Eclipse will be seen in the Indian Ocean, in Australia, and in New Zealand. A RIDE ACROSS AUSTRALIA. We publish the first of a series of Sketches, made in Central Australia by Mr. Arthur J. Vogan, during a journey which that gentleman has undertaken on behalf of the Sydney branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. Mr. Vogan, whose Sketches of the Tarawera eruption in the North Island of New Zealand, in 1886, were published by us in August of that year, is exploring a part of the vast interior of Australia, which has hitherto been quite beyond the region of journalistic and artistic visitations. Starting from Sydney, the first part of the journey (500 miles) was made by railway to Bourke, a town of some importance as the terminus of the line, situated upon the Darling River; and here Mr. Vogan joined company with an "overlanding party" of drovers returning to a cattle-station in the "Never-Never Country," situated in lat. 24 deg, S., long. 130 deg. W., whence they had taken down a "mob" or herd of cattle to the southern markets. 1.1890