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Title: "Waikato Hospital Board" truck with operating table on trailer - 4 doctors, 1 nurse and 1 person lying on operating table and person in springbok uniform on chair. Banner says ' This Springbok has been boered by Mooloo' Photo taken in front of Post Office. Lots of umbrellas are up in the crowd.

Type: Photographic Print
Creator(s): Fraser Niederer
Spatial Coverage: Hamilton (N.Z.)
Provenance: Fraser Niederer of Niederer Studios, Hamilton
Print Size: 20 x 15 cm [8 x 6 inches]

  File Creation: 29/08/2005
  Original Format: TIFF
  File Size: 4 MB
  Resolution: 300 x 300
  Dimensions: 2480 x 1771 Pixals
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Image B14 from the Historic Photo Collection.

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