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Title: Floats lining up prior to the parade? In foreground tow truck trailer or crane draped with penants and slogan on side reads 'Sponsored by the Frankton Businessmens Assn Frankton Rotary Club' 'Welcome to the Springboks.' More floats in foreground.

Type: Photographic Print
Creator(s): Fraser Niederer
Spatial Coverage: Hamilton (N.Z.)
Provenance: Fraser Niederer of Niederer Studios, Hamilton
Print Size: 20 x 15 cm [8 x 6 inches]

  File Creation: 25/08/2005
  Original Format: TIFF
  File Size: 4 MB
  Resolution: 300 x 300
  Dimensions: 2504 x 1780 Pixals
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Image A from the Historic Photo Collection.

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